Flip Burger Boutique

Flip Burger Boutique 

Address: 1587 Howell Mill Rd NW Atlanta, GA

Phone Number:(404) 352-3547

Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11am -10pm Fri – Sat: 11am – 11pm Sun: 11am – 9pm

Website: https://flipburgerboutique.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flipburgerboutiquehowellmill

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flipburger

Instagram: http://instagram.com/flipburger

Flip Burger Boutique on Urbanspoon

Flip Burger Boutique on Urbanspoon

Flip Burger Boutique on Urbanspoon

I can’t think of anything better than a juicy gourmet burger with a fresh side of French fries and a thick milk shake.  If you can relate with my love of burgers, then FLIP Burger Boutique is the place for you.FLIP Burger Boutique has taken the concept of a regular burger and fries to another level.  This unique burger spot has two locations in Atlanta: Midtown on Howell Mill Road, and Roswell Road.  If you live in our neighboring state of Alabama, there is one location in Birmingham.  Both locations in Atlanta have awesome patios and bright red walls with stylish white decor to match.  The decor is very modish and swanky, and the interior furniture also has white booths and silver table chairs for seating.


White Wine Sangria and  Heaven or Las Vegas


Classic Burger With French Fries

FLIP Burger Boutique is owned by celebrity chef, Richard Blais.  If you have been under a rock and you aren’t familiar with who Richard Blais is, Blais was the winner of Season 8, Top Chef: All-Stars, and runner-up of Season 4 of Top Chef.  Blais is also an author, and he currently hosts the tasted YouTube show, BurgerLab. FLIP Burger has tons of unique options to satisfy any burger preference.  No matter if you have a taste for a shrimp burger, turkey burger, beef, or lamb, FLIP Burger Boutique will be sure to please your tastebuds. I would consider myself a regular, and my favorite burgers that I indulge in and the ones that I highly recommend are the Farmer Burger, the Turkey Burger, and the Shrimp Burger.


Shrimp Burger with Goat Cheese

The Farmer Burger is a brasstown, grass-fed beef patty, topped with tillamook aged cheddar, apple chutney, kale, and smoked mayo. The Turkey Burger has Monterey cheese, crushed avocado, tomato,alfalfa sprouts, and pomegranate ketchup. The Shrimp Burger is a shrimp patty with tempura fried lemon,shredded iceburg, tomato, cajun-aise.  Basically, you can’t go wrong with any burgers at FLIP Burger Boutique.


Turkey Burger with French Fries


Seasonal Apple Cider Cocktail 


Farmer Burger


Red Wine Sangria

If you decide to explore other options, you have the option of the classic burger.  This burger is topped with beef, Bibb lettuce, pickled onions, sliced tomato, ketchup, FLIP sauce, and b+b pickles. If you’re a risk taker and you’re a fan of tartare, then the Raw Steak Tartare Burger or Raw Tuna Tartare would be perfect for you to order.  Tartare is finely chopped and served raw.  It can be prepared using steak or fish.  The Steak Tartare Burger is a raw steak tartare patty, topped with a fried egg, cornichons, frisee, pickled shallots, and smoked mayo.  The Raw Tuna tartare is topped with Asian pear, pine nuts, soy dressing, wasabi mayo, compressed veggies, mango sphere, and avocado puree. Both burgers are unique in their own way, but I recommend that you try both! Besides awesome burger, FLIP Burger Boutique serves awesome and delicious milkshakes, and they serve cocktails such as Red Sangria, which is delectable.Their burgers are a la carte, and you have the options of fries served with smoked mayo and ketchup,onions, Brussels spouts, or sweet potato tots. This restaurant is a must-try for burger lovers, foodies, and anyone who’s looking for a unique dining experience.  FLIP Burger Boutique is also available for private events.

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